ASP Agent 40 Clip On Baton


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(CURRENT ITEM): ASP Agent 40 Clip On Baton
1 × ASP Friction Loc Batons - 16"

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ASP Agent Baton Clip On Push-button Baton 52223.

This baton can be opened slow or fast. You can flick it open or pull it out to full length. For closing, jut depress the end cap and push together. You get the best of both worlds in a lightweight yet powerful telescopic baton. The ASP Agent Baton incorporates a new design from ASP. The ASP AgentPush To Close Agent Baton is compact and lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle any confrontation. Flip it outward normally to extend for action, at 15.75 inches. Push the end cap and push in to collapse to its compact carrying size of 7.5 inches. Weighs 8.1 oz. Black Only.

A40 Agent Baton: Retracted 7.75 in. Expanded 15.75 in. Weight 7.3 oz.

Striking surface made of 4140 Steel. These covert nightstick are a bit thinner than the ASP friction lock batons to improve their ability to be carried unseen, but being made of top shelf materials yo lose nothing in striking power and gain the elements of concealed carry and surprise. You can carry the Agent baton on a dress belt, inside your pocket or inside your waistband with its included steel clip. You can also carry it in the breast pocket of a jacket or suit. The clip can be moved further down the baton as you prefer or removed for holster carry.

This covert baton from ASP is perfect for plain clothes duty, hotel detectives, private investigators and any law enforcement where baton concealment is needed.

Weight9.7 oz

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