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70 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set

70 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set

  • $ 133.21
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The LPPS70 lock pick set is truly worthy of the locksmith trade. It comes with an assortment of picks, everything necessary to pick any pin-tumbler lock, and includes a fully machined, interchangeable polished brass handle. 

This set is the ultimate locksmith trade set, even if you are a novice trying to advance your skills, this complete set will not let you down. 

Set includes:

  • 12 US Picks
  • 15 Euro/Slim Picks
  • 14 US Standard Picks
  • 15 Euro/Slim Standard Picks
  • 8 Tension tools
  • and a quality fold-out leather case.
  • Expert KitLeather Case
  • 5 Ward Keys
  • 56 Different Picks

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