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Invisible Ink Pen and UV Light

Invisible Ink Pen and UV Light

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Mark your personal property discreetly with our Invisible Ink I.D. Pen & UV Light. This pen allows police to detect, identify and return stolen property fast in the event of a burglary. You simply mark your valuables with your name and phone number. This pen will mark all surfaces including glass, paper, wood, plastic and cloth with permanent, invisible ink. Under ultraviolet light the marks become clearly visible to police, detectives, and pawn shop owners. One pen will mark over 1,200 valuables. Can also be used to write personal messages that will only be readable under a UV light, also making it a great gift for that "spy kid" in your life! Ultra violet key chain light supplied.

  • Writes in Permanent Invisible Ink 
  • Can Write on Most Surfaces 
  • Included Black Light

  • Office, Home or Dorm
  • Only Visable by UV light
  • Marks Permanently on all Surfaces
  • Guaranteed To Work

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