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Lifeline Fisherman in a Bottle NEW-LL4926

Lifeline Fisherman in a Bottle NEW-LL4926

  • $ 9.99

Fisherman (in a Bottle) has specific items all stored in this 32 oz/1L bottle. Unique items are floating key chain, flat plastic whistle, nail clippers, long nose pliers and first aid kit. Add these items to the flashlight and batteries and package them in a polycarbonate bottle!
1 - 32 oz/1L Water Bottle, 
1 - Carabiner, 
1 - Long Nose Pliers, 
1 - Floating Key Fob, 
1 - Nail Clippers (to cut fishing line), 
1 - Emergency Whistle, 
1 - Flashlight, 
2 - Batteries, 
1 - 20pc First Aid Kit and 
1 - Reusable Zipper-lock bag

Color of Bottle may vary.

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