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Lightstorm SL1 Rechargeable Crank Flashlight NEW-FLNGTEMG

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The LightStorm SL1 No Battery Lantern uses cutting edge "ultra capacitor" technology instead of batteries. This makes the LightStorm SL1 the perfect flashlight to have on hand for emergency use, household jobs, camping, and more! By winding the crank mechanism, you create the energy needed to power the LEDs. The energy you create is stored in the ultra capacitor for up to 4 weeks. A maximum of 2 minutes of cranking (2 cranks per second) is needed to fully charge the capacitor. 

Features of LightStorm SL1 No Battery Crank Lantern:
• carbon Ultra-Capacitor technology - no need for batteries
• 3 lighting modes:
     Quasar 1/2 watt LED with spot beam, 25 ft beam distance, 15 minute run time
     three white StarCore® flood LEDs 15 ft beam distance, 20 minute run time
     three flashing red StarCore® for visibility, 15 minute run time
• switching sequence: flood white>>spot white>>flashing red
• capacitor can be recharged over 100,000 times
• two minutes of cranking at 2 cranks/second fully recharges the capacitor
• provides years of unfailing performance
• to maintain optimum light output during periods of continuous operation, turn the LightStorm
     SL1 off every 10 minutes and charge for 35-40 seconds.
• over time the capacitor will discharge, charging the SL1 flashlight every 4 weeks is
     recommended to insure that the flashlight will light when needed
• rugged water and chemical resistant polymer housing
• features three magnetic feet to attach to metal surfaces
• integrated retractable handle with hook
• built-in power jack and included charging cable with Mini USB connector can be used for 
     charging a cell phone or other small electronic devices
• will work in extreme temperatures: -50°F to +140°F
• glow-in-the-dark band on the body will glow up to 8 hours after minutes of exposure to sunlight
• weighs 6.5 oz
• measures 3.9" in diameter x 1.5" deep
• includes SL1 Lantern, charging cable, and mini USB connector for charging Blackberry and Motorola V3 / V6 phones

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