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Police Magnum 2 Pack Pepper Spray .5oz w/ Black Holster Key Ring New-PM05H-BLKX2

Police Magnum 2 Pack Pepper Spray .5oz w/ Black Holster Key Ring New-PM05H-BLKX2

  • $ 7.99

Pepper Spray is the best Personal Protection. Put the Bad Guy in his place.

TWO Brand New Police Magnum 1/2 oz Non-lethal defense spray leaves the attacker temporary out of commission allowing you time to get away.

Same formula that Police have used all over the World.

Pepper Spray is easy to use, works immediately and is non-lethal.

15% OC Spray with 180k SHU makes this spray the hottest on the market.

1/2 ounce size makes it compact enough for your purse, car, RV, Boat, Home, Shop or Business.

Makes a great gift and shows that you care about their protection and safety.

Proudly Made In the U.S.A.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase this product, buyer is responsible for state and local laws in regards to Pepper Spray.

Not for Sale in NY or MA

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We are proud to carry a complete line of ASP® Mace® Police Magnum® Smith & Wesson®
SouthOrd® and Goso® Products.

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