ESP Tactical Collapsible EXB-18HS (Hardened) Police Baton – BLACK 18″


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  • ESP Compact Chrome 18" hardened UnderCover telescopic folding baton. Effective range, low weight, reduced dimensions for hidden carrying. Dedicated to investigating officers, government employees, agents working in the civilian environment.

Compact B18 inches professional folding hardened telescopic baton type ESP UnderCover. Compact and metal - dedicated in particular to investigating officers, government employees, secret agents working in civilian life. Model for users who value effective range, low weight and compact size for easy hidden transfer of the bar. In contrast to similar products made entirely of hardened steel.

The common feature of the Compact series bars are: compact dimensions (6.3 "composite 16HS model), smaller diameter (approx. 21 mm), low weight and metal clip. Facilitates the concealed carrying of the bar close to the body (behind the belt from the outside or inside of trousers, vests etc. .).

UCP (UnderCover Products) - products for people who value the functionality of the equipment and at the same time want to be unobtrusive. Created for agents operating undercover, they are characterized by high quality and above all camouflaged discretion.

Steel - Cro-Mo 4130 low-tensile low carbon alloy containing chromium and molybdenum (withstands high tensile, bending and breaking loads). For the production of elements, seamless CSN 12060 cold-drawn pipes (Czech standard) = CK55 - DIN 17200, C55E - EN 10083-1 + A1 made of Cro-Mo 4130 steel were used.

Hardness - steel elements have been hardened to 40-50 HRC, which guarantees high resistance of the stick to deformation during intensive use.

Coating - chromed. Elements of seamless pipes are coated with black coating with high abrasion resistance.

Handle - knurled, enables a firm, firm grip. Made of hardened steel, identical to the one used to manufacture baton elements.


Technical data:
Product number: EXB-18HS
Name: Compact Chrome 18 "
Locking system: Friction Lock
Finish: Black
Handle color: Black
Handle type: Metal, (knurled)
Steel type AISI / SAE: 4130
Folded bat length: 178 mm / 7.01 "
Extended baton length: 457 mm / 18 "
Handle diameter: 21 mm / 0.83 "
Weight: 300 g / 10.58 oz
Holster: Clip
Manufacturer: ESP (Euro Security Products), Czech Republic

Weight 17 oz




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