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PEPPER ALARM – Wall / Shelf Unit (Disguised as Air Freshener)

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  • Description

    It’s Compact and Discreet. It looks like an Air Freshener!


    PEPPERALARM® is completely different from other alarms that are on the market today because it provides IMMEDIATE PROTECTION.

    When this unique alarm is activated by intruders the device instantly disburses pepper spray into the air of the protected area. The potent, non-lethal pepper formula physically forces the intruder to flee the area immediately.

    PEPPERALARM® is like having an armed security guard posted inside your premises when you’re NOT AROUND.

    This wireless, do-it-yourself alarm system was originally developed to effectively DEFEND after hour businesses, however, it can also be applied to protect UNOCCUPIED cabins, garages, trailers, RVs,service vehicles, workshops, construction site tool cribs, anywhere safety and security is deemed to be a high priority.



    Wireless, easy do-it-yourself installation

      • Quick installation _ less than 15 minutes
      • Easy load of canister and batteries without Tools
      • Designed for INDOOR applications
      • Battery operated (Low battery indicator)
      • Accommodates various sizes of canisters

    ARM / DISARM / Panic – via remote key fob

      • PANIC (hold-up) mode capability
      • Time Delay – Adjustable ENTRY
      • Time Delay – 90 second EXIT
      • Concealed emergency shut off switch
      • WARNING strobe lights w/ loud siren
      • Built-in PIR Motion Detector
      • Automatic reset


    FCC Certified
    No monthly monitoring fee
    No contract to sign

  • Specifications
    7 oz