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( CURRENT ITEM ): ASP Tri-Fold Handcuff Cutter Scarab


Restraint Cutter Scarab by ASP

Practical Cutting Tool for One Time Use Hand Restraints

The Scarab restraint cutter by ASP is ideal for the opening of one time use hand restraints made from plastic and offers protection on both sides. Because the restraint scissors has to be pulled down to open up the knife blade, the cutter can be carried handily and safely on a chain or set of keys. Additionally, the frame made of durable, black plastic protects the skin of the arrested individual from cuts.

Folded up, the Scarab restraint scissors measures only 7.5 centimeters in length and 3.5 centimeters in width. With 23 grams the handy utensil is a lightweight. For the practical fixation at a chain or set of keys the contents of delivery contain a ring.

Scarab Cutters snap onto a keyring. They remove restraints with compound leverage.

Recessed Blade
Piercing Blade
Eliminates Accidents
Can Hook to Vest or Keyring

Weight4 oz
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