Halloween Safety Tips For Children

Halloween is many kids’ favorite holiday. What could be better than dressing up as your favorite character and going out with your friends to get free candy? As fun as Halloween is for kids, the sad reality is that we must be prepared for the worst. In this world we live in, preparation is key to prevent being a victim. Check out our top safety tips to keep children safe on Halloween.

Oftentimes, people think that trick or treating is only appropriate when it is completely dark outside. This is not the case. Neighbors are typically aware that it is Halloween and will have candy available just after dinnertime. Feed your kids an earlier dinner and then begin trick or treating just before dusk. Going out while there is still light out will allow parents to keep a better eye on their children. Also, you will be able to see other people on the street easier—as well as oncoming cars.

If your child complies, it is a better option for costume-wearers to use face paint as opposed to a mask. Masks often impair the vision of whoever is wearing it, which can put them in danger. Brightly colored costumes are also preferred. If your child insists on wearing dark colors, apply reflective adhesives to their costume so that they are visible even in the dark. Other options include making glow stick jewelry and flashlights a part of their costume.

This may be an obvious one, but never allow your child to go trick or treating alone. Ensure kids are always with an adult chaperone, even when in a group. Make sure your child has some form of identification with his name and your phone number and address in case he or she gets separated from the group.

Steer clear of homes that have their lights turned off. These neighbors are usually not welcoming to trick or treaters. Make sure that if your child is old enough to go out alone, that he or she knows to say no to any stranger who offers them a ride. They should also know to never enter someone’s house. If the neighbor asks them to come in to receive candy, the child should politely decline and leave immediately.

It is a good idea for parents to check all candy received before allowing children to eat it. We cannot trust that the candy will not be tainted or cause any danger to our kids. This is especially important if your child has an allergy and is too young to determine which candies will harm them.

Because kids tend to be impatient about snacking on their candies while trick or treating, pack a small goody bag of your own candies so that they can have something to eat while still being safe. When you return home and are able to inspect the candy yourself, immediately throw away any that are opened or seem to be altered.

Halloween is an exciting holiday that kids will remember for years to come. Make sure they go trick or treating prepared with our Young Pioneer Outdoor Kit. They can use the flashlight’s different light filters to look cool while staying visible. Self Defense Superstore wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!

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