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This item: BICYCLE / JOGGER LIGHT - 7 FUNCTIONS - White / Clear
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    Whenever you are going out, remember to have this multi-use, 7-function safety light with you wherever you go. This is the perfect companion to make it safer by making it easy for you to seen. Whether you are planning to be running, walking, skiing, hiking, camping, taking your baby out in a stroller, using it to make yours or or a child’s backpack more visible, or in case you just want to be prepared for an emergency like your car breaking down, this will do the trick. While it is small enough to be hand held, this super bright LED safety light can be seen from as far away as 2,500 feet. Think of it as 6 portable safety warning lights in 1, as you can adjust it to fit your particular need. Use it as a steady light, select from two rates of flashing light, or three kinds of running light. To make sure you can take it put of the package and use for whatever you need to right away, we made sure to provide several way for you to be able to attach it in a variety of ways by including a bicycle mount bracket, arm strap and belt clip. It is reliable, lightweight and water resistant. Uses 2 AA batteries.

    Ideal for Joggers and Bicycles
    7 Functions
    Handle Bar Attachment
    Jogger Wrist Strap

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    2.5 oz