SouthOrd C500 ~ 5-Piece Slim Line Lock Pick Set w/ Metal Handles

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  • Description

    The five-piece, slim line C500 lock pick set by SouthOrd is designed for European and Japanese locks, but it works extremely well on all American pin tumbler locks that have small or narrow keyways. This high-quality set includes a tension tool, as well as hook, ball, diamond and rake picks. Picks are .022″ thick.

    The C500 slim line lock pick set comes in a convenient leather snap-over case that’s easy to carry wherever you go (we all know how important it is for a locksmith or law enforcement professional to be prepared at all times).

    The picks’ metal handles are easy to grasp, and they’re the perfect learning tools for beginners. Whether you’re interested in learning the art of lock picking or you know someone else who is, the SouthOrd C500 lock pick set is definitely the right choice for you.

  • Specifications
    1.7 oz