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Original price was: $246.98.Current price is: $131.31.
Original price was: $246.98.Current price is: $131.31.
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Replacement TASER C2 Air Cartridges are designed to work exclusively with the TASER C2 weapons sold here. A single cartridge houses both prongs, and when they are deployed from your device they will latch on to the intended target, produce a large shock directly into the central nervous system of anyone they hit, and they will completely incapacitate a person or dangerous animal for 20 minutes or longer. Once the TASER C2 has been fired, it must be reloaded before it can be used again. Because the spare cartridges are small and lightweight, they are easy to take with you and will fit into any jacket pocket, purse or waist pack. TASER C2 replacement cartridges makes it easy to carry extra cartridges everywhere you go, which will in turn give you the ability to reload the weapon as often as you need to and keep it fully operational.

AIR TASER, M26, and X26 are trademarks of TASER International, Inc., and TASER and ADVANCED TASER are trademarks of TASER International, Inc., registered in the U.S. All rights reserved.

Fits TASER C2?Series
15 Foot Range
Practice Target Included
4 Pk Replacement Cartridges

Weight 9.7 oz

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