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  • Description

    Crank flashlight, NEVER needs batteries…

    Used by the Military
    Perfect for Camping
    Keep one in the House for Emergency Power Outages
    Perfect for the car, RV or boat
    Just a couple quick turns of the hand crank and you have enough light to light up the darkest places.

    The Vortex Rechargeable Crank Flashlight pierces the darkness in emergencies or as an everyday flashlight. Vortex features a rugged impact resistant housing, a 1 watt center mount LED that allows spot illumination of objects up to 120 feet away on land and 40 feet away in clear water, two side mounted .5 watt LEDs for floodlight illumination and a flashing emergency beacon. Water resistant to 30 ft.

    Emergency, Camping, Car
    Never Needs Batteries
    Provides 8 min.
    Waterproof and Floats

  • Specifications
    8 oz