Self Defense and Your Part

Self Defense and your Part
We want to do more than be your online source of self defense products like pepper spray and stun guns, we want to educate you on what to do with those items and try to teach you how to use them.

First thing we want you to know is that you can not use what you don’t have, to quote: “Plan for the Worst and hope for the Best” puts it into the best perspective.

We take lots of calls and email asking which pepper spray is right to have, well that is a loaded question. It really boils down to how you plane to use it, are you looking to protect your home, or do you walk/jog daily or leave work at a questionable time at night by yourself? In any case there is no right or wrong as long as you have it when you need it. There are some pepper sprays that are better than others of course. For instance if you walk/jog you might like our Heatwave Jogger Model the wrist strap arm band keep the spray at your ready. For home protection you will want more spray to cover a larger area such as Heatwave 4 oz Home Model. But either will work in an emergency situation. Now for every great defense, it is equally important to have an aggressive offense. We like to tell people, have your pepper sprays ready, listen to your body. Most people who are attacked felt something the moment before, we suggest the use of a personal alarm as your offense. Just the noise of our Personal Keychain Alarm may be all the defense you need. With a loud noise, either the perpetrator will think someone has or will see the attack or a bystander will hear it and come to investigate. Either way, you have done your best to call for help, now the moment you set off the noise, you need to be ready to with your Pepper Spray, aim for center mass and move up to the face, once you have hit your target RUN. Don’t wait around to see if it worked, or if they are hurt, RUN AWAY!!! Don’t even stop to call the police, do that once you are safe.

Please no matter what, do your part to be safe.

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