Self Defense Keychains – The Tiny Tools That Pack a Punch

No one wants to be a victim of an attack. Although we never expect it to happen to us, we shouldn’t take the risk of being unprepared. Whether you end up in a dark alley after a wild party, are walking alone to your car, or are simply heading home from an event, you should always be equipped with a self defense tool to stay safe.

You know the saying that small things can pack quite a punch? We took this to heart at Self Defense Superstore and have a lot of great ways to ensure you’re safe and protected. All it takes are these tiny tools:


Made from ultra-sturdy plastic material, this keychain is an ideal and convenient tool to defend yourself in case of an attack. You simply hook this keychain to your home or car keys without it ever being noticed by the potential perpetrator. If ever attacked, the Wild Kat provides a painful and drastic blow when the attacker attempts to act, giving you a window to escape. The few extra minutes this keychain will give you can save your life. Don’t take the risk and get your self defense keychain now!


If you want to take your self defense to the next level, owning pepper spray is definitely your go-to. Molded into a key ring, this self defense keychain is not only convenient and easily accessible, but it’s powerful. Half an ounce of this hot spray will give you a solid window for an escape. You also have the option of twisting and locking it when put away, so that there are no accidents (and so you don’t spray your best friend, or yourself!).

These keychains are also customizable. Love pink? More into purple? These pepper spray keychains are offered in almost every color, and even comes in different types of kits. You can go for a single pepper spray, a jogger spray, or perhaps the personal protection pack.


It may be tempting to convince ourselves that we really don’t need a self defense weapon, and that such situations won’t ever happen to us. But, what if they do? It’s better to be safe than sorry no matter what the circumstance. Don’t take this risk of leaving yourself undefended, and give yourself the peace of mind that you are safe wherever you are. Self defense keychains are convenient, safe, and affordable. There isn’t a reason not to carry one with you at all times.

Tiny tools that you can keep handy in your bag or even pockets can save your life. This is not an understatement. A potential attacker may just want your car keys, but they may not hesitate to hurt you if necessary. Aside from carrying these self defense keychains, make sure that you are aware at all times, and that you pay attention to your surroundings. If you feel like you are followed, or are skeptical of a certain individual, keep a large distance. If you find them getting closer, make sure to reach into your bag or pocket and be prepared.

We’re here to make sure that happens! Browse all of our self defense products now and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

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