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( CURRENT ITEM ): SOUTHORD ~ MPXS-08 ~ 8 piece Lock Pick Set ~ Metal Handles

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1 × Southord SPS-20 ~ Padlock Shim Pick Set

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)


Nothing compares to a high-quality lock picking set at an extremely reasonable price, whether you’re just starting out in the trade or you’re an extremely experienced veteran locksmith. That’s why we love the SouthOrd MPXS-08. It’s an eight-piece lock pick set that’s compact enough to carry in your pocket while still packing a powerful punch. This set is great for travel or for people who are just starting out.

The SouthOrd MPXS-08 lock pick set comes with five picks with stainless steel handles. There’s also a broken key extractor and two tension tools included in the set. The entire MPXS-08 set comes in a compact, sleek leather case that wraps over the top of the picks and fastens with a snap. The lock picks are all rust-proof Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel and provide you with an extremely comfortable grip, which makes them one of our top choices on today’s market.

The MPXS-08 Lock Pick Set Includes:

  • 1 MP-04 Small Diamond Pick
  • 1 MP-06 Single Ball Pick
  • 1 MP-07 Short Hook Pick
  • 1 MP-09 C-Rake Pick
  • 1 MP-11 L-Rake Pick
  • 1 SP-13 Broken Key Extractor
  • 1 TW-01 Standard Tension Tool
  • 1 TW-02 Short Twist-Flex Tension Tool
  • 1 Top Quality Snapover Leather Case
Weight2.4 oz

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