Textile Handcuffs / Restraints – 5 pack


(CURRENT ITEM): Textile Handcuffs / Restraints - 5 pack

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These durable textile handcuffs use a new locking system, which prevents release from handcuffs for even the strongest of people. Main advantages consist of low weight and easy storage. Bright yellow fabric ribbon (#355) enables easy identification of handcuffed person. They are supplied in a set of 5 pieces.

Handcuffs use unique locking system, which ensures that even physically very strong persons cannot get out from these handcuffs. Minimal tearing strength of handcuffs is 140 kg (verified by certified tests).

Main advantages consist in low weight and easy storage. These handcuffs are broadly used by Police of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Weight 22 grams.

Weight3.4 oz
Color / Size

Black, Red, Yellow

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