Something to keep in mind is that anybody can become a victim of a stalker. Generally, there are two categories that stalkers fit into: (1) the victims know their stalkers, and (2) they do not know them. The connection would normally be that the relationship is an ex-lover, co-worker, ex-spouse, etc. What compels stalkers? There are many intentions; rape, robbery, obsession, jealousy, infatuation, revenge, lust, etc.? Usually, but not always, carried out by an expert who is […]


Car Jacking / Vehicle Security / Safety

Statistics show the chances of your car being stolen or broken into are 1 in 40 older models are stolen more often than newer models; vehicle theft in the United States is running at over $10+ billion a year; and one vehicle is stolen every 18 seconds. Even though you have seen this scenario on TV Most cars are stolen by gangs or thieves who disassemble them and sell the parts for huge profits. Unfortunately there is

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