~ FACT: 90% of Pepper Spray Claims are… well… FALSE!…

~ Pepper Spray Awareness

As you know, there are many self-defense sprays on the market today. Pick up a few packages, and you will see that
their effectiveness is advertised and presented in a few different ways. Of course, common sense tells us that what
really matters most is “how hot is the spray that hits the attacker?” In marketing the effectiveness of their
pepper spray products, some manufacturers stress the amount of OC (Oleoresin
Capsicum–shown as a percentage) in their spray. Others stress the SHU (Scoville Heat Unit)
value of the OC contained within the spray, or they use a combination of the
two. Security Plus believes that neither
method is a true and accurate measurement of effectiveness. This is why:

~ Be Aware of OC & SHU…

The OC percentage is, simply put, the percentage of OC contained within the defense
sprays formulation. A spray that
advertises a “10% OC” content simply contains 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsaicin), and
90% inactive ingredients. What this
percentage does not tell you, however, is the potency, or “hotness,” of
the OC AFTER it is blended with its inactive ingredients.

Stressing the SHU value, or “potency,” of the OC is another measure used by
manufacturers. This value is simply the
strength of the OC before it is diluted in the remainder of the
solution. Sure, the OC in a spray may
come from peppers with a 2,000,000 SHU value, but what percentage of the final
formula actually contains OC?

~ Bottom Line…

Neither the OC percentage nor the SHU rating are accurate measurements of the strength of the formula inside a can of pepper spray! Simple math would tell you that a 10% OC formula manufactured from 2,000,000 SHU strength OC should yield a spray with a 200,000 SHU, right?
Unfortunately, chemistry is not that simple of a science! While advertising the simple math is not necessarily an outright lie, it is very misleading!

This is why Security Plus® had other sprays independently tested and
rated on how they perform when they leave the can, not on what the base
formulation is before it is blended with other ingredients.  That is why Security Plus®
advertises the actual “Nozzle SHU” of their defense spray:  the strength of the spray after it
leaves the nozzle.  They also had an
independent lab test the formulas of the competing sprays.  Compared with what these other brands
advertise, the results are surprising!
Only Security Plus guarantees the strength of the spray when it
leaves the can!

Security Plus® is the ONLY company that fully guarantees its OC spray heat
rating.  Security Plus®
realized that the safety of their friends and family were at stake with their
products.  That is why they developed a
line of new defense spray formulations that you, your friends and your family
could depend on at any time.  Security
Plus® is so confident of the effectiveness of their spray formulas,
that they actually guarantee it, 100%.

Here are a couple of examples:

The Security Plus® 23% OC formulation, is now called HEATWAVE NAPALM:  Guaranteed at least 180k nozzle SHU’s.

Compare Security Plus® Brand Nozzle SHU’s with the competition!

We believe that an educated consumer is a wise consumer.  What to buy for your personal
self-defense, and that of your loved ones, is an important decision.  We want to help you make it a wise one. 

 Security Plus Brand®– Professional Grade Products for Commercial and Personal Use.

Quality & Effectiveness of Your OC (Pepper Spray) VS. Quality & Effectiveness Claimed

90% of pepper sprays on the
market claim an unrealistic, false and/or unsubstantiated “true” heat rating.

The math you use for this is really
very simple. If the OC spray claims 10%, then you multiply the SHU rating by 10% and that will tell you what you should get out of the nozzle, or business end, of your pepper spray.

It looks like this.

If the product label claims:

15% OC at 2 million scoville heat

units (SHU), you multiply the

claimed SHU by the claimed

percentage of OC.


2,000,000 SHU

X 15% (or .15)

= 300,000 “true” SHU


5,300,000 SHU

X 5% (or .05)

= 265,000 “true” SHU

Use the same formula for ANY

OC spray that claims an OC %

and an SHU. Then compare it

to our Tru-Temp Index Chart.

What you will discover is that

MOST OC sprays don’t even

come close to their claimed heat rating.

Are you getting what you paid for?

Total capsaicinoids

+/- .01%

The True Nozzle Temperature

Percentage of total SHU in relation to




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