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( CURRENT ITEM ): Dragon Fire Stun Gun w/ Touchscreen

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When you activate a Hell Fire Stun Gun a loud crackling noise will scare any would-be attacker right in their tracks. When they hear that noise, they will know you should not be messed with. If you want the coolest Hell Fire Stun Gun, choose the touch stun gun. Simply tough the screen once to ready your stun gun, and touch it again to activate. With our society you know crime rates are not going away. There are less police on the streets, and more desperate people who may do things they might never do otherwise. More and more prisons are releasing dangerous criminals because of budget cuts. Even in the safest neighborhoods you're at risk. Consider this stun gun. It's easy to carry, protects you better then pepper spray, and isn't fatally dangerous like a gun. The effects of a stun gun last a few minutes, but they don't cause long term damage or wound people. A blast from a Hell Fire Stun Gun will temporarily "stun" an attacker so you can get away. When presented with a dangerous situation a quick response is the key to success. In such a situation, this Stun Gun provides you with the needed timely response.

  • Bright LED light
  • Dragon Fire Nylon Carrying Case
  • No Long-Term Effects / Permanent Damage
  • Effective Non-Lethal Weapon Proven Stopping Power
  • The Dragon Fire Touch Screen Stun Gun has a life time warranty
  • Rechargeable Unit -  AC Charging Adapter included
  • Safety Pin - Personal Safety Pin to be Inserted at bottom of the stun gun (Wrist Lanyard - remove = inoperable)
  • Holster Included - Heavy Duty Holster with Belt Loop
  • 2 Million Volts
Weight10.3 oz

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