HEATWAVE NAPALM ~ 2 oz Flip-Top Pepper Spray (SHOTGUN)



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( CURRENT ITEM ): HEATWAVE NAPALM ~ 2 oz Flip-Top Pepper Spray (SHOTGUN)

Florida Heatwave 2 oz. Pepper Spray

“Hell Spray”

Carrying this POWERFUL SPRAY is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to protect yourself from being attacked by an assailant

With this weapon close at hand, you are guaranteed an EXTREMELY FORCEFUL DETERRENT within reach.  It is a very easy way to make sure the Attacker is dissuaded from continuing the Attack. Have this near you at all times for quick access. Our [ Florida HEATWAVE Pepper Spray is made from our proprietary blend:

18% Cayenne Pepper Red Hot Oleoresin Capsaicin

blended w/

5% Hot & Oily Sticky & Penetrating Black Pepper

= 23% OC Max 

At 23% OC your Attacker will not be able to see and is very likely to scream & run away out of shear pain.

This spray has an amazing 12 to 15 foot effective distance and each canister holds about 20 one-second shots. One quick spray from this 2 ounce unit will stop a criminal in his/her tracks instantly. Protect yourself from becoming a victim with this inexpensive yet Powerful deterrent.

18% Red Pepper 5% Black Pepper for a Total of 23% OC
2 OZ Pepper Spray
Up to 12 – 15 Ft. Range (depends on Nozzle)
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Bright ORANGE Dye lasts for Hours
Hidden UV Dye, that lasts for Days..!

Weight 2.8 oz

Shot Gun



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