New Year’s Resolution: Protect Your Loved Ones

Nearly eight million property crimes took place in 2016, totaling over fifteen billion losses. In the same year, violent crimes were up across the board by a troubling four percent. This amounts to well over one million assaults, robberies, rapes, and murders.

Such figures stress the importance of protecting yourself and your family. With 2018 knocking on the door, it’s the perfect time to think about New Year’s resolutions and how you can incorporate your loved ones’ safety.

Working out more often, eating healthier, spending less time on social media…these are all great resolutions. Yet, they pale in comparison to keeping your family safe. With that in mind, keep reading to learn more on how to give the gift of personal safety this holiday season.

This is surely not an empty line or a halfhearted promise. Ensuring your significant other, children, siblings, parents, cousins, and everyone else are protected is nothing short of a necessity in today’s world. So, how do you do this? How can you make sure your loved ones are safe?

There are a number of different options. We’re partial to self defense sprays. Heatwave is a great option for its strength, concealability, range, and diverse product line. Want a pepper spray that looks like a lipstick case but knocks would-be burglars on their feet? Then you want Heatwave.

Other pepper sprays are also smart investments. These include the MACE Screecher, which gives off an ear splitting 125 decibel sonic blast, and the Guard Alaska Bear Spray, which is strong enough to literally stop a bear.

If your loved one wants something a bit less dramatic, self defense keychains are a great option. These cute looking Wild Kat Keychains pack a serious punch. Not only can you loop it onto your keyring for 24/7 protection, but you can also easily conceal it to surprise a potential robber. One hit from the Wild Kat and any attacker is incapacitated, giving your loved one plenty of time to get to safety.

Finally, nothing warrants safety like a Taser or stun gun. Delivering thousands of volts directly to an attacker’s body allows your loved one to feel safe and protected, no matter what situation. This peace of mind has no price tag for you and your loved one.

Not to mention, you can find stun guns in a variety of forms, including: perfume holder, sting rings, flashlights, and lipstick tubes. Your loved one doesn’t have to drag around a bulky Taser anymore. They can stay easily protected regardless of the situation.

Up to now we’ve been talking about making sure your loved ones are protected and giving them peace of mind. This is incredibly important. Still, there is another benefit of protecting your family or friends.

You’ll also give yourself the gift of serenity, and satisfaction.

Enter the new year with confidence knowing your loved ones are safe. Enter the new year with pride knowing you helped them protect themselves. Enter the new year with nothing less than complete freedom from worry, thanks to the best self defense products around.

Shop Self Defense SuperStore today to give your loved one the gift of a free mind!

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