Holiday Party Safety

Holiday parties are a unique, one of a kind experience with their own drinks, music, activities and traditions. There is a different, and more festive spirit. This can be the time of the year where people that normally stay reserved let their hair down. After all, it’s the holidays, that one time of the year to truly make the most of the moment.

It is not, however, a time to let your guard down. There is still plenty of risk to attending holiday parties and it’s important to be aware, have a plan, and protect yourself should a bad situation arise.

Here are three tips for staying safe at your next holiday party.

Have a Plan

It’s important to know your surroundings, even if they are unfamiliar. The most important thing is having a support group when you venture off toward your holiday party. It’s important to have friends who are on your side, independent of your date, who you know will be looking out for you.

While most parties are safe, you don’t know what could transpire throughout the night. If you’re going to an unfamiliar place, make sure you have a contact you can reach out to and inform them of your location, the situation, and whether you’re safe.


First off, ride-sharing has revolutionized everything. If you’re in a situation where you or your ride cannot drive, you don’t have to be where you don’t want to be. Call an Uber or a Lyft and you can get to safety in a matter of minutes.

What you should be conscious of is that holiday-themed drinks, such as that awesome egg nog you know will be there, is often poured from an open bowl and given to you in an open container. Under no circumstances should you leave your open beverage alone.

You should be aware of your friends as well. It is a good idea to keep an eye out for a colleague’s drink, too. Self-defense is easier when you are watching someone else’s back, and they are watching yours.

Inconspicuous Protection

Just because you’re with someone you know, you cannot guarantee your safety from an unwanted situation. In fact, according to the PBS Nova article, The Science of Preventing Date Rape, almost two thirds of sexual assaults are committed by people known to the victim.

If you get yourself in a position where you must defend yourself, we recommend equipping yourself with a variety of personal self-defense items such as pepper sprays and keychains that you can fit inside your bag for your last best defense against the worst case scenario.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and have a great time with your friends and family. Just don’t let your guard down and make sure you have a plan to avoid any unwanted scenario.

For your protection, we offer a wide variety of personalized products you can use for your safety. If you have any questions about the product selection as well as their respective use, please contact us today.

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