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( CURRENT ITEM ): Original STINGRAY MK22 w/ KEY-RING - HEATWAVE NAPALM (Tactical Grip) 3/4 oz REPLACEABLE Canister
1 × HEATWAVE NAPALM ~ 1/2 oz. Spin-Top Pepper Spray

HEATWAVE “STINGRAY” Flip-Top TACTICAL GRIP (3/4 oz Container) ~ 23% O.C. Pepper Spray

w/ Key-Ring Attachment

Anyone who spends time out of the house enjoying their favorite physical activities such as jogging, hiking, running or even strolling should remain aware that they could be at risk of being attacked by a criminal who is looking for an easy target. People who are out by themselves, are exactly what predators are looking for. They watch for someone who appears to be vulnerable and distracted so they will have the element of surprise. The ergonomic Tactical Grip is form fitted for ease of use and accuracy. Designed after Police Units where comfort and precision aiming is a must. Made of hardened plastic, this unit is resistant to drops, bangs and whatever abuse you put it through and still remains ready to take down any assailant that makes a move. 180,000 SHU 23% OC.

18% Red Pepper 5% Black Pepper = 23% OC
Safety Flip-Top
Tactical Grip
New Design
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Weight2.4 oz


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