SOUTHORD ~ C 801 ~ 9 Piece Slim Line Euro Lock Pick Set



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( CURRENT ITEM ): SOUTHORD ~ C 801 ~ 9 Piece Slim Line Euro Lock Pick Set

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1 × Southord SPS-20 ~ Padlock Shim Pick Set

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The SouthOrd C801 kit is designed specifically for European and Japanese locks, but each pick also works extremely well on American pin tumbler locks with small or narrow keyways. Sleek and slender (each pick is only .022″ thick), this kit comes in a snap-closure leather case for carrying and storage.

SouthOrd’s C801 lock pick kit is a nine-piece set. These American-made lock picks are made from durable, sturdy stainless steel. It includes seven unique picks, each with a metal handle for a comfortable grip, as well as two tension tools.

Whether you’re a law enforcement professional who needs a small lock picking set while you’re on the job, a US Military member who’s deployed to handle difficult situations, a first responder on an emergency or a professional locksmith who knows how important it is to stay prepared wherever you go, the SouthOrd C801 might be exactly what you need. Each high-quality tool it contains is engineered to get the job done, and you just can’t beat the value this lock picking kit has to offer.

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