Taser Gun Safety For Your Family

Taser guns have risen in popularity as a solution for home safety through less-lethal means. They are employed in over 100 countries and in the hands of millions of law enforcement officials around the world.

By and large, they are considered a much safer option than having a gun in the house. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. The improper practice and misuse of taser guns could lead to wrongful death as well as an escalation of a violent situation you were trying to suppress.

To ensure the proper protection of your family, here are the following practices you should incorporate when owning a taser at home.

It’s important to know that your taser is in working shape. Unlike a stun gun, which must be applied directly within arm’s reach, a taser fires two probe barbs that are connected by wires.

It’s important to test your product with a simple spark test to see if your gun is at its peak performance. This works by removing the cartridge of the taser and then proceeding to activate it.

Make sure you can carry a taser within your state. While the law does not consider them to be firearms, citizens can only own them within 46 states. Here are the places that prohibit home use:

Hawaii has made owning a Taser for personal use a misdemeanor violation.

Massachusetts has outlawed all electrical weapons, making the sale or possession punishable by fine or prison.

New York has made possession a Class A misdemeanor. It is a Class D felony if the owner has a previous conviction.

Rhode Island has made it illegal to possess, carry, or conceal a taser with a punishment of $1,000 or imprisonment for less than a year.

There are other legal situations to consider, such as certain states requiring a conceal and carry license.

Not being properly trained on the usage of a taser could lead to danger for both you and the target you’re attempting to subdue. It’s essential that you take some form of proper training regarding the use of your taser gun.

You should be well-versed in understanding the maximum shooting range as well as the ideal distance for your shooting range. Keep in mind that the way the needles travel is critical to ensuring your safety in an emergency. You should also know where to aim the taser so that you can protect yourself without causing any accidents in terms of missing the target or using excessive force.

In the event of a home intrusion or another emergency involving you and your family being attacked, the best practice is to first call the police. Immediately. Do not make any attempt to escalate a situation before doing so.

It’s critical to lay out an escape plan with your family and understanding where the most ideal places to hide from an attacker are. It’s ideal to avoid the confrontation as much as possible. Especially where visibility is limited, such as a dark room, the intruders could confuse your taser for a gun and fire upon you. You do not know if the intruder will run away because they are unarmed or attack you. These events are entirely unpredictable.

To get the best results for your taser and protecting your family, it’s critical to consult with the seller about getting training and learning how to safely own and operate your taser gun. Without understanding how to test your taser gun, what the legal ramifications of having one may be, or how they work you are putting yourself at risk. With the proper training a taser can make a significant impact protecting your family in emergency situations.

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