32″ Expandable Baton ~ Rubber Handle ~ Black



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( CURRENT ITEM ): 32" Expandable Baton ~ Rubber Handle ~ Black
1 × Federal Scabbard (Paddle) - 16" / 21" / 26"
16 inch
21 inch
26 inch

The Expandable Telescopic Baton is an effective self-defense weapon for personal protection.

Chances are good that simply having the baton will be enough of a deterrent to get any predator to back down and leave you alone. But if you do need to use it, it's a non-lethal weapon, so you will know you are protecting yourself without using deadly force.

Lite and Easy - This baton is easy to use and carry.

"It's just a simple flick of your wrist to get it open. I'ts easy!.. and Fun!" - said one of our product testers.

Compact - It folds up into a very portable size, so you can keep it with you at all times.

Durable - The weapon is made out of solid steel and has a truly formidable appearance when opened at maximum length. The tip of the baton is designed to provide a potent impact when it is swung at any target, so it can easily stop any attacker.

Lengthens YOUR Defense Zone / Attack Zone - The length of the weapon lets you use it against a predator at a distance, so they won't be able to strike back!

Solid Grip - The rubberized handle makes keeping your grip extremely easy.

Compact  ~Rubber Grip Handle ~ Nylon Holster ~ Solid Steel

Weight 26.5 oz



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