How to Protect Your Vehicle and Your Property

How to Protect Your Vehicle and Your Property

On Monday morning January 18, while shopping in town, I noticed at least seven people get out of their vehicles and not lock their doors.  I also counted three vehicles with their motors running and doors open. For some reason some folks  just do not think anything can happen to them. Well folks, did you know that the same type crimes occurring in other parts of the country are also occurring  in your community.  As a matter of fact,  Small towns as well as the big cities experience many  petty theft crimes not to mention many major crimes. Most of these petty crimes are crimes of opportunity and most are completely preventable.

 Still don’t believe me, well did you know that every 33 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the United States, and that more than a million cars are stolen a year. Of that over 40% of all vehicles stolen have there keys in the ignition and over 80% were unlocked, and that most are stolen by young opportunists.

To keep you from becoming a statistic:

Always lock all doors, and don’t leave your vehicle running.

Roll windows up tight.

Install tamper proof door lock buttons.

Engraved an identifying number on a hidden place on the car and on any valuable components to help police identify recovered property.

Don’t leave any valuables in plain sight, put them under a jacket, behind the seat or in the trunk.

Don’t hide spare keys, so they can be found, use some imagination.

Hunters should remember that guns and other equipment is easy to sell. So lock that truck up and put those weapons in the truck or behind the seat or at least put your jacket or a blanket over your gear.

Remember these are crimes of opportunity. So don’t  give someone the opportunity, you may be the looser.

“Be safe on the streets!” New self defense products protect anyone.

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