The majority of devices mentioned in this report cost very little. All of them will help reduce burglary and make your house or apartment more secure.

Begin with a home “security” check. Start with the front door and work clockwise around the entire inside of your home, finishing with the backyard, fence and shrubs, gates and garage.

Shrubbery should never block your view of your front door. This allows an intruder the opportunity of privacy to gain entrance.

A wide angle viewer in the door lets you know your visitor in advance. This item is recommended over a chain lock.


A DEAD-LATCH is an inexpensive lock set which keeps the burglar from simply slipping your door open with a plastic credit card. This method is common in many areas, but very easy to prevent.

AUXILIARY DEADLOCK: 1” deadbolt, single cylinder with hardened cylinder guard and thumb turn.

For extra security, a single cylinder deadbolt lock with one inch throw and case-hardened insert is recommended for all exterior doors. If you have easily breakable glass within 40 inches of a deadbolt lock, it should be augmented with a stronger type of glass or plastic to provide adequate security.

Most police departments do not recommend deadbolt locks for residential use. You may be adding additional security at the expense of personal  with a double cylinder deadbolt. For example, you could lock yourself in and not be able to escape in case of fire or other emergency.

THE RIM LOCK is a 1” deadbolt lock which is installed on the inside surface of the door. It is less expensive than other types of locks but equally effective for security.

THE “JIMMY-PROOF” RIM LOCK is another lock which is installed on the inside surface of the door. This lock has vertical dead bolts, which are approved locking devices.

CANE BOLTS: 1/2” in diameter by 12” high, installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door offers minimum security. Many homes with pairs of doors, use half-barrel slidebolts on the inactive door. These are weak and totally inadequate.

FLUSH BOLTS: Installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door or a pair of doors, flush bolts offer additional security, since the intruder cannot get at these devices to tamper with them if the doors are locked.


Some exterior doors are improperly installed so that the hinges are installed from outside. To protect such a door from being lifted from its hinges by pulling the hinge pin, follow these simple steps:

1.Remove two screws, opposite each other, from both leaves of the hinge.

2.Insert screw or cement nail into the jamb leaf, protruding 1/2”.

3.Drill out the opposing screw hole in the door. Do this in the top and bottom hinge of the door. When closed, the hinge pins may be removed, but the door will remain firmly in place.

Stay Safe Out There!!!


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