Online Dating Safety Tips

Have Your Own Transportation

It is important to have an exit strategy. Remember that you don’t need to go anywhere that you do not want to. It’s recommended that you always have a way out. You don’t need to depend on the person you just met for where you wish to go. This is especially true if things get really weird and you don’t want them to know where your home is.

If you’ve been drinking too much or you’re in a state where you cannot drive, Uber or Lyft is your friend.

Keep In Contact

It could be anyone that you trust: your roommate, best friend, mother, or someone that you’re in frequent contact with. Let them know about the date, where you’re going to go, how the date is going, and your plans for the rest of the night.

If it’s someone your date knows, that’s even better in terms of building trust. But make sure that it’s someone that’s on your side. Regardless if it’s going like The Notebook or Saw, keep your contact in the know about your online date.

Bring Discreet Protection

Protection doesn’t have to be over the top. If anything, you could give the wrong idea if you have a gun or a knife with you. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be protected. Self Defense Superstore offers various items to discreetly protect yourself with personal-sized items for protection including keychain-friendly items, pen-sized pepper sprays, as well as tactical flashlights.

If you plan on going out to dinner, you may not be able to watch your drink the whole time. We have you covered. If you suspect that your date has drugged your drink, you can use one of our drug detection kits to make sure that you are safe.

These self-defense items aren’t just for your date. However, you may need it to protect the two of you or yourself on your way home.

There are other practices for your protection and safety that you can incorporate for a better date experience. As long as your well-versed in where you’re going and how to defend yourself you should always be in a better position.

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