The 411 on Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a great accessory for self-defense as it is portable and easy to use. It is vital that you prepare yourself for any unforeseen circumstances. Preparation prevents you from being a victim. The nice thing about pepper spray is that it comes in so many different forms. We love our Heatwave Night and Day Pepper Spray Lipstick as it has the same appearance as a tube of lipstick. The His and Hers Heatwave Jogger pack is great as it has a convenient handle that can be held while running. The Heatwave .5oz is another option that can be kept as a key chain for easy access.

Although it was not introduced to the public until the 1980s, the usage of pepper spray actually has a long history. In ancient China and India, red chili pepper was used for self-defense. The Chinese would use rice papers to wrap ground cayenne pepper. They would then throw them at the faces of their enemies or those presenting harm to their village. Because it only incapacitates a person for a brief period, it was accepted as a weapon of self-defense.

In Japan, they used ground pepper in what they called the “metsubishi.” The police used the metsubishi, which was essentially a box of chili pepper, to blow into the eyes of criminals. Mexican Indians similarly used cultivated peppers for self-defense purposes.

Before purchasing your pepper spray, it is important to be educated on the laws regulating its usage. In many states, pepper spray is legally recognized as a form of self-defense. However, that being said, you are only permitted to use it when absolutely necessary. This means that you must feel as if your life is in imminent danger in order to lawfully use a defense spray. This includes pepper spray as well as MACE.

Pepper spray is legally allowed in public spaces in Florida, although each state does regulate how much you are allowed to have on you. The general limit is nothing over two ounces. Most states have a provision that stipulates that you must be over the age of 18 to carry and use pepper spray. It would be wise to consult the criminal code of your state.

One major prohibition of pepper spray is that it is never legally permissible to use against any law enforcement officer. Simply pointing the can at an officer, without even spraying it, can be seen as an intent to do so and is punishable by law.

When you purchase pepper spray, you want to ensure that you keep it in close proximity. The point of pepper spray, as with any self-defense product, is to be able to use it when needed. If you are unable to find it quickly in a time of need, it defeats the whole purpose of the product.

When the pepper spray is not in use, make sure that the safety release is on. Remember that if you want to use the spray, it is necessary to release the safety latch. After this is done, aim directly at the face of the target. Stay a few steps back from the assailant and keep the hand that is not holding the spray over your face for protection. Once properly aimed, spray directly at the target. Throughout the entire situation, yell as loudly as possible. This will draw attention to the situation and may force the assailant to flee. As soon as you spray, run away as fast as possible.

Pepper spray is an excellent product to have on hand always. Remember: to prevent yourself from being a victim, be prepared. Check out our whole selection of pepper sprays here to protect yourself today.

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