Burglary Prevention Tips

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is a burglary. We all want to work to prevent any strangers coming into our homes and stealing our possessions. We want to avoid anyone coming in and harming our family. That is the worst case scenario. The best way to do this is to prepare your home for any possible situation. Preparation is key to prevent being a victim. Read on for some great tips to keep your home safe from any harmful situations.

The key to preventing a burglary is to make a burglar want to stay away from your home. Burglars prefer houses that are not going to require much effort or skill to enter. They also typically go towards either the garage or back doors, as the path to them has the most opportunity to hide or move in a sneaky fashion. Ensure that your cars are always locked, even when in the garage, as burglars know to look inside your car for keys and valuables.

You should guarantee that all exterior doors use a high-quality deadbolt lock. This will prevent the usage of channel-lock pliers as well as slipping with a credit card. Purchasing a door guard alarm is another great option, as it utilizes integrated sensitivity settings to prevent anyone from breaking in.

An easy way to make certain that windows cannot be pushed open is with the use of our Mace-Window Jammer. This tool is an inexpensive way to keep intruders from opening windows or sliding doors wide enough to gain entrance. It is also a great way to make sure children are unable to open them past your chosen point.

Burglars typically want to be unknown to others when entering homes. If they know that you are aware they are there, they may choose to escape before being caught. Using a driveway patrol sensor is a great way to know if anyone unwanted is trying to get in. This motion-detecting sensor unit sends a signal to the receiver indoors, which then sounds out an alert.

Alarms are a great way to prevent burglaries as it provides an immediate obstacle to anyone trying to break in. An alarm registered with an external company is especially effective as it automatically calls the local police to your home. If you do not have an alarm system, it is highly recommended to purchase a wireless one. Our Pepper Alarm is a great option as it provides immediate protection. When activated, the device instantly releases pepper spray into the air of the protected area. This causes any intruders to flee as soon as they step in the door.

An easy way to keep your home safe is simply to be a good neighbor. Keep friendly with those immediately next to you and across the street. Establishing trust with one another is a great way to live in a safer neighborhood. Offer to watch over their home while they are away, and they will typically reciprocate. Even more important, they will be able to report any suspicious activity if you are away or not home.

Once trust has been established, ask a neighbor to keep a spare key to your home for you. This is a much better option than keeping one hidden by the door. Burglars know all hiding spots and often look here first.

The key to keeping a safe home for you and your family is to prepare yourself. Check out our home security section on our Self Defense website for any products you need to keep safe from burglaries.

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