~ For Years Now...

We have all had to deal with APPEASING THE BULLIES in one way or another. If you wish to purchase a Defense Item online, you cannot go to the "Big Box" Retailers. amazon & ebay, along with most other online Retailers, have shut down Defense Item Dealers, making it nearly impossible to sell their Wares & MORE IMPORTANTLY ---> EDUCATE & DEFEND PEOPLE!!!


i.e. amazon - ebay - paypal - stripe - square - - - 

Since it is becoming more and more difficult to find Defense Item Sellers online, as well as, online Merchants that will "Tolerate" Your right to Purchase Defense Items, we want You to know, "We WILL NOT REMOVE any Defense Items to Appease Big Box Merchant Bullies!"


PayPal, Stripe, Square, amongst other online merchant services, have shut down Defense Item sales PERMANANTLY.

~ Your Freedom of Speech...

How many of us have had our voices silenced by the recent tech giant "Elites"? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have shut countless people down within the recent few years due to having a view they just simply will not tolerate.

Those who achieve logical reasoning, just by being awake, know that the Right to Defend Yourself and the Safety of Your Family is a God given Right from birth.

~ David Hetrick (Owner - Security Global Products LLC dba DefenseWarehouse.com)

~ Your Freedom to DEFEND YOURSELF...

The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution was and is meant to reason, "Every Man has the right to Defend their life from those who wish to Control or Take it."

Firearms, along with many other Defense Items, have been Vilified to the common masses. Denounced in such a way to give these Mechanical Devises "Life". The ability to BLAME GUNS is the reason they have been able to RAM through so much of their Blatant Gun Grabs, Defense Item Suppression Bills & Defunding nearly all small Businesses who train, or sell to, Civilians.

~ Soulless Machines are to blame?...

Giving these Lifeless Machines a "Soul", a Brain or a Conscience that could DECIDE how (& Why) to act, leads to the user of the Tool claiming the "Victim" of the inanimate Item itself.

This Lie has further lead to those in thirsty with power consistently making increasingly more and more destructive decisions along the thought path of "All Defense Items are BAD!" Their ignorance is rooted in their complete misinterpretation of how it is to be a common man & to responsibly defend their household.

~ Ignorant Law Makers & their Minions...

Not one of these ignorant Law makers nor 99% of their minions understand the need for Self Defense knowledge & Defense Items due to their soft cushioned lifestyles ---> SAFE to remain ignorant within the confines of the United States. (Courtesy of the United States Military)



Defense Warehouse is the culmination of 3 Gun Stores, 6 Websites & 2 Flea Market Booths. Numerous customers, out of convenience, would rather use the Big Box Merchants. i.e. paypal, stripe, square, etc. How many more of our Customers would have been able to defend themselves but for the inconvenience of not being able to use any of these typical merchant services.

Within 7 years all the major Big Box stores have stopped carrying most, if not all, Defense Items. In person & online Defense Merchants have been shutting us down 1 by 1. Paypal, Stripe, Square along with amazon & ebay think they run pretty much everything. We need to be able to purchase what we want / need.

We will never remove any Item(s) due to bullying.

~ S. David Hetrick - Owner - Security Global Products LLC dba DefenseWarehouse.com

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